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Doctor WhoM - A Flash Series

2009-08-13 10:11:19 by KazMazter

Firstly, hello to everyone here at Newgrounds! I'm pretty new here, and as this is my first NG blog post, I thought I'd let you know the reason I joined in the first place; my up and coming flash series called 'Doctor WhoM'.

'Doctor WhoM' is made by myself and a freind (who currently does not have an NG account that I am aware of), and pays tribute to the hit BBC Drama series Doctor Who.

'Doctor WhoM' consists of entirely original stories, each roughly about 8-10 minutes long. The main characters are The Doctor (voiced by myself), while he is in his 11th regeneration; and Dave Fourevar, voiced by the freind I mentioned earlier. Dave will meet the Doctor in the first episode of 'Doctor WhoM', and will be his companion throughout the series.

Though the Doctor will be in his 11th regeneration, he will not be the Matt Smith version. For this series, we have designed our own Doctor, so that we do not have to impersonate any of the existing Doctor's; we can make our flash feel original.

Over the next few weeks, I will try and post more here, to update you on the progress of the flash. So far, the script for episode one is finished, and animation has begun. I most likely will advertise for voice actors here too.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates~

Doctor WhoM - A Flash Series


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2011-05-06 11:03:24

When is this series coming out then?


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